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Welcome to Judy Foust Gallery!

I like a lot of color in my paintings, whether I am using pastel or oil.  My favorite time of year is fall because the colors are so vibrant.  You can see this in the background of many of my works. 


Whether I am painting portraits or animals, I always paint the eyes first, because they start to come to life that way.  I am a very detail oriented person, it shows in my paintings in the detail, such as  in the furs and clothing.  The furs, I have had people say, it looks like you can run your fingers thru their fur and pet them.

I am a self taught artist, except for some classes that I have taken from some very good artists in my area, that I admire.

My works have sold in Arizona, Maine, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.  I currently show my artwork at the MAD Gallery in Spokane, WA and the Women in Art Gallery at Las Laguna Gallery.  I am a member of Portrait Assoc, the Oil Painters of America and Pastel Society of America.

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